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Thatching straw grown with care and harvested the traditional way in Yorkshire.

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Long Straw

We grow traditional wheat varieties such as Maris Huntsman and Maris Widgeon, using a low nitrogen fertiliser regime, to produce long straw.  

Our crops are harvested by cutting  with a binder when the straw is slightly green and the grain is still soft to ensure that the wax content  of the straw is high, important if the finished roof is to be durable.

After stooking in the field the straw  is left to dry out for 2-3 weeks, then led away to be stored under a barn until required. Over the winter months the crop is threshed and tied into bundles with a double string “buncher” ready for delivery.

Combed wheat reed

Our reed is grown and harvested in exactly the same way as our long straw, but the crop is passed through a reed comber mounted on a threshing machine which removes most of the leaf or flag and produces straw ready to lay straight on a roof.

The finished product is tied into nitches using a trusser.

Varieties grown for combing are currently Maris Widgeon and Triticale.

Cutting a crop with a binder

Reed comber and trusser

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